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Ages 18 - 36 months

For Toddlers, the main focus of curriculum is social, emotional, major and minor motor, learning skills development. We use engaging, interactive activities that help your child develop a love for learning while they are growing, playing, and having fun. Our curriculum also includes learning centers for children to explore playing together and socialization. All lessons are developmentally appropriate for toddlers and the standards and lessons each week, are increasingly advanced and include many high reach academic focuses.

* Please note that program ages can vary by state per licensing guidelines


As your little explorer expands their curiosity, they start to form relationships with others, and apply what they’ve learned through speech and language.

  • Introduction of circle time
  • Participate in group sensory activities
  • All children are on the same schedule
  • Stories & Songs
  • Animals
  • Body Parts
  • Colors & Shapes


As your little adventurer starts to understand the world around them, they explore their independence.

  • Potty-Training is introduced
  • Introduction to Letters & Numbers
  • Continue learning colors & shapes
  • Stories & Songs
  • Circle Time

Program Features

Educational & Affordable

High-quality care with fair prices, no registration fees

Safe & Secure Environment

Cameras in every class, secure entrances and play areas

Comprehensive Communication

We provide daily reports for each individual student


Foreign Language, Yoga, and American Sign Language (ASL)


All food is prepared daily onsite by nutritional specialists

Customer Testimonials

  • Loving to our children, flexible to our needs, RFLMLC has become a part of our family the past 5 years. Lovely experience all around!

    - Keating Family

  • We LOVE the all-star staff at Little Minds in River Falls!
    We enrolled our son at the age of 2. Miss Bri was amazing when it came time to transition from our old center to LMLC. She made our son feel secure and safe in an unfamiliar environment, and every day she took him to the window to wave goodbye to mom – to make me feel better, too! He has since transitioned into Miss Mary’s room – and I cannot rave about her enough. Mary goes the extra mile every day to provide our son with a fun, safe and structured environment. He comes home daily with a new song, story or fun fact – he talks about his teachers and his friends and offers up feedback about his day – no prodding required!

    Miss Sam and Miss Charity have always taken the time to engage us in center updates or teacher updates. The facility is always clean, toys are regularly sanitized, and the rooms are very bright.

    We have enrolled our second son (soon to arrive) as well and know, without a doubt, he will receive the same nurturing care.
    Five very enthusiastic stars from this family!


  • Our family has been coming to Little Minds in River Falls since May 2014. We currently have 2 children enrolled, and have enjoyed bringing our children here. We understand how hard it is to keep track of so many kids, but the teachers always take time to let us know how they were each day. If anything happens, such as a fall we have always received a phone call soon after to let us know what happened. I am impressed by how much the teachers care and our children do like spending time with their friends in the classrooms.

    - Janet & Eric R.

  • I would like to express my gratitude to you and your staff for the visible progress you have achieved at Little Minds Learning Center in Omaha!

    My wife and I are pleased by what we have observed since you started! Employees have smiles on their faces and have indicated that they enjoy the new work environment.

    We appreciate the fact that you are the first one at the day care and one of the last ones to leave!

    We appreciate your leading-from-the-front-lines management style! Exemplified by you getting at day care on a snowy day at 5am, and making sure sidewalks are clean, and Little Minds is staffed appropriately.

    We appreciate your efforts regarding bringing teachers and other staff members with experience and proper education, and your proactive interaction with your colleagues and kids!

    We appreciate all you have achieved and are excited to continue at the daycare under your leadership!

    - Diana, Christina, Victoria, & Yavor

  • We’ve been a Little Minds family since 2013 and my husband and I have absolutely loved the care both our boys have received there. All of the teachers we have worked with have been amazing, not only with taking care of our boys but with communicating with us as well. With working full time, it's important for us to know details of our children's day, which is done with daily sheets and face to face check in's at pick up. The curriculum and activities that are done throughout the day have helped our boys learn and grow so much. Our oldest was very prepared for Kindergarten and I know this was due to the things he learned at Little Minds! I may use the cameras to check in on them a little too much but I love being able to see them having fun! Little Minds is so much more than a daycare, it's truly a community. They offer a ton of activities and events for the whole family which are always a ton of fun. I just can't recommend them enough!

    - Pikala Family

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