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Ages 3 years old to Kindergarten

The main focus of the curriculum for preschoolers is based on kindergarten readiness and best practices. Our curriculum exceeds state standards for Early Childhood Education, involves enrichment based lesson plans, and differentiates to include all learners. Our goal is to create a highly academic classroom. Each day our curriculum concentrates on different developmental aspect such as sensory, creative arts, dramatic play, math and phonics. Using all these learning styles, we create the foundation for academic excellence and prepare your child to enter kindergarten at a high level.

* Please note that program ages can vary by state per licensing guidelines


As your little Inventor starts to engage in their environment, they will gain additional skills through increased independence.

  • Introduction of self-help skills
  • Continuation of potty-training
  • Letter & Number recognition
  • Stories & songs
  • Introduce scissor skills
  • Introduce calendar concepts
  • Introduction to station activities


As your little Scholar develops, they begin their transition to pre-Kindergarten preparation.

  • Continuation of self-help skills
  • Introduction to hand writing
  • Continuation of calendar concepts
  • Continuation of station activities
  • Stories & Songs


As your little professor completes their educational journey with us, they will have been introduced to all the skills necessary for their academic success. Learning activities work towards the increased attention span your child will need for their educational career.

  • Early Literacy skills
  • Handwriting journals
  • Phonics skills
  • Stories & Songs
  • Station activities with writing, math, & reading

Program Features

Educational & Affordable

High-quality care with fair prices, no registration fees

Safe & Secure Environment

Cameras in every class, secure entrances and play areas

Comprehensive Communication

We provide daily reports for each individual student


Foreign Language, Yoga, and American Sign Language (ASL)


All food is prepared daily onsite by nutritional specialists

Customer Testimonials

  • We absolutely love Little Minds Learning Center! We have sent both of our kids here and they have had such a positive experience. My son loves his teacher Ginny, and all the fun activities they do throughout the day including singing, art projects, playing outside, and water fun in the warmer months. As parents, we love how much the teachers really seem to enjoy time with my children, how well the teachers and director communicate with parents, and there is no beating their convenient hours!

    I would recommend Little Minds Learning Center to anyone. Such a great peace of mind sendig my kids somewhere that you know they are learning and are so well cared for.

    - Trempealeau family

  • We decided to find a new daycare when I found out I was pregnant with my second child. After a lot of research, we decided on LMLC. Two years later, we are still here, and very happy with the decision we made. The staff is amazing, easy to talk to, and super friendly. They make themselves very accessible to communicate with. I often say the two teachers in my youngest son’s current room are “Saints.” And I can safely say my older son wouldn’t have been potty trained as fast as he was if it wasn’t for his teacher at the time. She did an AMAZING job. The projects my children bring home are endless, and I very much appreciate the personalized gifts on Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Grandparent’s Day, and even my birthday (to name a few). I should also mention the celebrations on said holidays… LMLC goes above and beyond hosting numerous parties and events for the children and their families. One event we really like is the Parent’s Nights Out. My children love attending the themed evenings, and my husband and I appreciate knowing they’re in good hands while we’re out. I’ve always wanted to be a fly on the wall when I’m away from my children, and I actually can with the classroom cameras we have access to. I could go on and on about how much we love LMLC. It just goes to show how much the center cares for the children and their families, and how they have everyone’s best interests in mind.

    - Anderson Family

  • I have a 2-year-old girl and 3-year-old boy. They each enrolled in Little Minds Learning Center at 12 weeks old. Since then, I have had the pleasure to watch them grow into two intelligent toddlers. I love when they sing their ABC’s together in the car on the way home or practice their counting in Spanish. I appreciate the staff always greeting the kids by name in passing in the morning. My kids love their teachers, both current and past. They always run up to give past teachers hugs and I can tell the staff genuinely love my kids. I can’t say enough about the level of care and attention given to my kids.

    - Kuehl Family

  • Our family recently moved to River Falls, and we were extremely apprehensive about finding a new child care provider. We toured a number of different childcare options in the area, and we were immediately drawn to Little Minds Learning Center because of the positive first impressions we had with the center director, staff, and facility. The center director returned all of our phone calls and emails in a timely manner and we made the decision to enroll at Little Minds Learning Center. Prior to our first day we felt anxious because our three children (3 months, 18 months, and three year old) previously attended an in-home daycare with 5 kids total, and they struggled with separation anxiety. To our surprise, after a week of attending our children had easy drop offs, and were excited to go to school to see their friends and teachers. Our Family loves the teachers and staff at Little Minds Learning Center. They always welcome our family with a smile, and we can tell they truly care about our kids. We appreciate the constant communication we receive from the classroom teachers in person, through email, and by phone. As a parent, the two things I want most for my children is for them to be safe and happy, and we have complete peace of mind every day they are there, which exceeds all of our hopes for what a child care center could be.

    - Melanie M.

  • I just wanted to send to you a quick note to let you know that I am loving all the new changes going on at the Center. From the little things like having the room schedules put up to the big things like all the new educational toys. Oh my goodness, I have seen so many new cool things. Ms. Kelsey and Ms. Aariona are great! The kids seem so engaged in activities now. I can't wait to see the new changes that will be coming to the Scholars room.

    I must say too that anytime I see a staff member in the hallway, regardless if it's a new face or a familiar face, everyone happily says hello! Just something that little makes a big difference!

    - LaViness Family

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