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Coming soon to serve the Naperville Community!
  • We are not actively accepting or soliciting enrollments as we are working through the build out and licensing process.
  • We are currently seeking highly motivated directors and teachers to join the LMLC Team.  If you are interested, please see our employment page for a complete list of our openings.
  • We are dedicated to bringing the LMLC Experience to Naperville, IL.  Once licensed we will be just off of Springbrook Square.  Our center provides both an educational and affordable developmental experience.
  • Once Licensed, LMLC will be conveniently located at 1932 Springbrook Square Naperville, IL.

Special Classes Included: Once licensed we will provide Yoga, Sign language, Spanish for children over age 2 1/2 years

Special Rates: Once licensed, we will proudly acknowledge the following organizations as our affinity businesses and offer a special 5% discount off of tuition to employees of these companies:

  • Fulltime EMS, Fire Response, and Law Enforcement personnel
  • United States Armed forces current Active, Reserve, Guard

Current Incentives: We are not currently enrolling children, as we are a waiting the issuance of our license.  We will update when we have our license and are currently taking enrollments.

Please contact us for more specific details.

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