Pinnacle Curriculum

Pinnacle curriculum combines the best practices recommended by current research in the field of early childhood education with developmentally appropriate practices supported by the National Association for the Education of Young Children to help provide a well rounded, engaging learning environment that stimulates children’s growth in all developmental domains.

At the foundation of Pinnacle is the expectation that the very best programming for young children looks at the needs and interests of the individual child. The curriculum is filled with numerous activities to choose from on a daily basis, giving our teachers the opportunity to incorporate a balance of teacher-directed and child-initiated activities. The curriculum meets the standards for early learning as well as for school readiness.

Pinnacle is a guide for the daily curriculum of the early childhood classroom. It is designed to assist with program planning that encourages children to develop their emerging skills in all developmental areas. Pinnacle is centered on monthly themes, with weekly unit themes. It also Provides suggestions to enrich developmental milestones based on research by leading educators such as Piaget, Erikson, and Gardner.

Here is an overview of the learning focuses for each age group here at Little Minds.

Infants: During this stage of development the main focuses of this curriculum are on development of milestones. The activities and teaching tools that Pinnacle proved insure that your infant is getting the essential time and development needed at this age. At this age the focus is on long term goals that are linked to key standards for development such as fine and gross motor skills, social and emotional skills, and sensory exploration.

Toddlers: For this age group the main focus of this curriculum is social development. With Interactive activities that help children develop a love for learning while they are growing, playing, and having fun. At this stage Pinnacle also includes learning centers for children to start to explore playing together and also side by side play. All lessons are developmentally appropriate for the toddlers and with each week the standards and lessons get increasingly harder and include many high reach academic focuses.

Pre-School: The main focus of the curriculum for this age group are based around kindergarten readiness and best practices. Pinnacle follows the state standards for Early Childhood Education and involves enrichment based lesson plans that differentiate to fit all learners but also focus on creating a highly academic classroom. Each day Pinnacle curriculum focuses on different developmental aspects such as sensory, creative arts, dramatic play, math/manipulative and phonics. Using all these learning styles Pinnacle achieves a high reach  curriculum and is a great learning and teaching tool to get these students prepared for the Kindergarten classroom.